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Whether you've come across our website accidentally or purposely we hope you will enjoy your visit, and sense our joy of making good music through its pages. We also hope that, if you are looking for information, you find it in your browsing, if not please use our Guestbook, Contacts page or via the personnel information on our "Who is Who" page.

Where is Dunvant? 

Dunvant is a small village situated some five miles west of Swansea on the South coast of Wales, close to Gower, Britains' first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

In spite of its size it has boasted one of the finest choirs and one of the finest rugby clubs in Wales.

Choir Philosophy 

Dunvant Male Choir pursues the philosophy that music, above all else, is a communicable happiness, and although local surnames dominate, local pride supports and nurtures it.  The singing like all great Welsh choirs excels with adrenaline flowing free, be it in the polyphonic intricacies of Benjamin Britten or the compelling surge of the great Welsh Hymns.

Music is a language enjoyed by all people at all levels.

Our next engagement is at St. Hilary's Church, Killay on Saturday 8th November, A Remembrance Concert on the eve of Remembrance Day. Guest Artistes are Ros Evans (Soprano), Hywel Evans (Organ), the choir and contributions by parishioners. Tickets £10 from David Vaughan Tel 205078. See poster on Events page.  

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We're delighted to announce that "Parti Llwchwr" ladies have accepted our invitation to be guests at our Christmas Concert. Mr David Vaughan has also accepted the position of Concert Compere.

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After "One of the best London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs" (other peoples words not ours), we'd like to thank our Music Team of Jon Rogers (Deputy Festival Conductor) Hywel Evans, D. Huw Rees and Tony Phipps for all the hard work (and frustration) they've gone through to get us ready. Also grateful thanks to Management & Staff of the Copthorne Tara for coping so efficiently with our group of 100+. Also great to catch up with many friends over the London Weekend, Edward-Rhys Harry, Robert Nicholls, Stewart Roberts, Mike Williams, James Prideaux and many others.  

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"Fringe Diary"

19 - 28th October - "The Beginning" - Ten days of celebration leading up to and beyond the 100th anniversary of Dylan Thomas' birth.

24 - 26th October - "Do not go Gentle Festival" - Celebrating the Centenary of Dylan's birth - Music, Literature, Comedy & Fun.

3rd November - Best wishes to Jonathan as he starts his new job at Gower College.